An Interactive Information Tool
NOTIS is the NJTPA Online Transportation Information System. Is an interactive tool that allows you to explore how your state and federal tax dollars are being invested to improve transportation in the 13-county northern New Jersey region.

NOTIS was developed by the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA), the region’s federally authorized Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Through a map-based or text-based search, NOTIS provides information on a wide range of infrastructure improvements including redesigned intersections, repaved roads, new bicycle/pedestrians path, rehabilitated bridges, upgraded traffic signals and a host of others.

You can use the map-based search to show projects in a particular location, customize it to show projects by project status and other features. On the NOTIS map you can select a county or project and then display information on everything you have selected.

You can use the text-based search to find all the projects in a particular county or on a particular route. The text search in an online database query system that obtains its results directly from NJTPA’s most current transportation information data files.
A Wealth of Project Information
Each year around $2 billion in state and federal funding is invested in transportation projects and programs in the northern New Jersey region. NOTIS provides information on more than 400 projects at two stages:
  1. Committed Projects – Projects for which planning has been completed. They are in the NJTPA Transportation Improvement program (TIP) and are scheduled for final design, engineering or construction during the next three years.
  2. Planned Projects – These projects are still undergoing study and may or may not ultimately be implemented. If they are found feasible, they become eligible for inclusion in the TIP.
Projects at both these stages originate from the NJTPA’s long range Regional Transportation Plan. (County and municipal projects are not, at present, included in NOTIS.)

The NOTIS interface allows users to access maps and summary information on each project. A “Detail” button provides additional information, including funding sources, year-by-year schedules and status reports.