What is Plan 2045: Connecting North Jersey?

20 year blueprint for transportation investment
Required for spending federal transportation money
Fiscally constrained
Multi-modal needs and strategies
Reflects broad public input

About the Plan

Under federal law, Metropolitan Planning Organizations like the NJTPA are required to update their long range plans every four years as a condition for the receipt of federal transportation funding. This reflects the need for transportation investments to be based on a comprehensive assessment of long-term needs, rather than piecemeal responses to current problems. The NJTPA Board of Trustees approved Plan 2045 and related documents at its November 13, 2017 meeting. Plan 2045, along with public comments and NJTPA's responses, is available here.

A list of outreach events conducted to gather input for preparation of Plan 2045 is available on the Participate page.

Together North Jersey

Plan 2045 will help implement the transportation and transportation-related strategies of the Together North Jersey (TNJ) Plan. The TNJ Plan was developed through the North Jersey Sustainable Communities Consortium, which was created in 2011 to help develop a broad based, inclusive sustainability plan for the NJTPA region. Development of the TNJ Plan included extensive public outreach which gathered input on growth area preferences, transportation investment preferences and other factors. The TNJ Plan was adopted in 2015. In May 2016, the TNJ implementation phase, or TNJ 2.0, was launched, establishing four task forces—covering each of the TNJ plan themes: Competitive, Efficient, Livable and Resilient—which will meet quarterly.

Regional Capital Investment Strategy (RCIS)

Plan 2045 also includes an updated RCIS. The RCIS is a set of data-driven policy guidelines for transportation investment decision-making, last adopted by the NJTPA Board of Trustees in 2005. The RCIS sets goals for allocating the region's transportation funds among broad categories of transportation projects. It also provides principles and guidelines for advancing projects.


Related Documents

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Together North Jersey Plan—the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development for the region.

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Plan 2045 includes analysis of future scenarios to estimate the impact of various levels of funding; how these resources might be invested; and possible land patterns over the next 25 years. The analysis considers outcomes including performance of the transportation network, economic drivers, and other outcomes for the region. The scenario became the basis for updating the RCIS and for developing a constrained Financial Element for Plan 2045.

Financial Element

Federal regulation requires that the RTP contain a fiscally constrained financial plan that is based on reasonable assumptions of future funding and meets basic transportation needs for the region. Plan 2045 meets these requirements by describing the assumptions and strategies used to develop the plan's projected expenditures and revenues and to demonstrate fiscal constraint. It also addresses baseline and aspirational funding scenarios.

Project Index

Plan 2045 includes an index of current and future candidate projects that have been identified through the metropolitan planning process in northern New Jersey and whose costs can be accommodated based on the 25-year funding assumptions.